Worst Advice for Newlyweds

Worst Newly-Wed Advice

Know someone about to tie the knot? If you’re the advice-giving sort, maybe check the list below before you start dishing out any pearls of wisdom too liberally.

And if you’re a newly-wed yourself, consider yourself forewarned. Beware taking any of these hoary old chestnuts too seriously!

#1 Tease Each Other

This may be good advice for some couples, but for those of us who grew up with siblings and are fairly proficient at the teasing thing, you may find the line between teasing that’s playful and teasing that’s just highly irritating is easy to accidentally cross.

The last impression you want to give is that you don’t respect your partner. Being playful’s great, but be sure to pick your moments!

#2 First is the Worst

Newlyweds are told time and time and again by the well-intended that the first year is the worst. As often as not though, the first year usually ends up amongst the easiest.

Interestingly enough, many couples report that the sixth or eighth years are the hardest. This maybe partly explains the popularity of the whole ‘seven year itch’ concept.

#3 Live Large on Your Honeymoon

While you certainly ought to make a big deal of that special first week, remember it’s just the beginning of a lifetime together. In hindsight you may regret not putting more of that money aside to make it easier to enjoy regular quality holidays throughout your marriage.

#4 Don’t Go to Bed Mad

If you can sort all your woes before you hit the sack, great. That’s definitely a plus. But forcing yourself to stay awake till 3AM hashing out the same drama over and over certainly has a downside! You may end up just fuelling resentment and doing your relationship more harm than good.

Sometimes there’s something to be said for taking a good cooling off period. Just think back to high school chemistry class. If you try and cool overheated ceramics too fast, the whole shebang’s liable to blow up in your face.

#5 Don’t Marry for Love?

Can’t believe that this one’s even still going around? As crazy as it seems, this misguided little advice-nugget is doing the rounds a lot more than you might realize.

Marriage is an important, often challenging thing. Don’t enter into it lightly, hoping that the right feelings will fall into place at some point. Pick the right person the first time (if you can).

#6 Sort Your Finances First

While it’s probably helpful to be in a good financial position, if you hold off getting married (or having kids) until you’re in the perfectly flush, mortgaged paid off etc… well.

You may be waiting a while…

#7 Keep No Secrets

Again it goes without saying you shouldn’t be hiding important things from each other.

This is license to speak your mind without filtering those thoughts first. There’s definitely such a thing as being too honest. Particularly along the lines of “honey, are you sure you really need a second helping / dessert right now?”

It’s just common sense, isn’t it?

What Did You Think About Our Worst Advice for Newlyweds? Any just awful tips you’ve personally experienced? Don’t hold back! Share ‘em all, no matter how terribly hilarious they are. In fact, the more terribly hilarious they are the better

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