Women, Wine and Great Sex

women, wine and great sex

Women who drink red wine enjoy better sex lives – or so new research from the University of Florence suggests.

Trust the Italians!

Italian Scientist - women, wine and great sex

Glass or Two = Fun for You?

The research was conducted with 800 Tuscan women aged 18 to 50, measuring both their sexual satisfaction and red wine drinking habits. To determine the former, the researchers utilised the Female Sexual Function Index, a measure commonly used by medical professionals to assess women’s sexual health and satisfaction. The measure includes scores of orgasm, arousal, satisfaction, pain and frequency amongst

Using the FSFI in conjunction with participants wine consumption patterns, it soon became apparent that wine drinkers scored significantly higher than teetotallers.

The full results? On average, women who drank an average of two glasses scored 27.3 points on the FSFI – compared with 25.9 for those who drank one glass, and 24.4 amongst total abstainers.

History of Wine and Sex

Dr Nicola Mondaini, the head researcher, says that the close relationship between wine and sexuality has been understood since the days of the Ancient Greeks. She contends that the field of female sexual dysfunction is still highly unexplored, however. Mondaini hopes that this study will set a trend for further illumination, both in regard to wine and sexuality and women’s sexual health

Interestingly, Mondaini reports the study’s results suggest older women, not younger, enjoy more fruitful sex. The completed research and full data and findings will be published in this October’s upcoming issue of The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

What do you think? Could red wine really improve your love life? Or is it more a psychological aphrodisiac? Let us know your opinions, we love to her your thoughts!


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