What Turns Women On



He comes round in a hospital bed after returning from the dead – kick started after cardiac arrest – opens his eyes and says to his wife: “I suppose sex is out of the question?”


She’s had a helluva day – she can’t get a park and is late for lunch with her mother-in-law – and the last thing she’s thinking of when she gets home is sex…

It’s the Mars – Venus puzzle – how men and women can react in such different ways to stress when it comes to sex.

Differently Wired For Sex

Sydney sex therapist Dr Rosie King says men who want to keep their sex lives sparking need to understand that everything that happens during the day affects a woman’s capacity for desire and arousal.

And while men are programmed to ignore all the distractions and score, women’s wiring demands they feel secure and settled before they are ready to mate.

Men’s Sexual Enhancers

He responds to visual cues (cleavage on display, sexy lingerie, erotic pictures,) by sexual availability like provocative poses, by novelty, and by feelings of sexual prowess (being complimented as a good lover).

Buying her sexy lingerie or a suggestive video will get him all excited, but it won’t do much for her.

Women’s Sexual Enhancers

She is far more likely to be sweetened up with actions and gestures that show he understands her need for companionship, closeness, and sharing quality time together.

She’ll be thinking dinner for two in a candlelit café will be the prelude to an exciting night, while her man just wants to “get on with it – why talk about it?”

Dr King’s advice for men wanting to turn their woman on is “don’t try and make her want sex; make her want you.”


Sex Enhancers That Turn Women On

  • Romantic gestures, flowers, gifts, love letters, poems, special songs, compliments, cards, jewellery, dinner for two…
  • Communication and conversation
  • Quality time with partner
  • Low level of conflict
  • Domestic support
  • Affection that doesn’t necessarily lead to sex

Natural Herbal Sexual Enhancers

Herbs that enhance sexual response for both men and women are one answer for couples who are finding it hard work keeping romance alive. Known the traditional medicine for centuries, herbs like horny goat weed, tribulus terrestris, avena sativa and damiana are becoming increasingly popular amongst people who want a drug free libido boost.

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