Vitamin Deficiency Alert # 4

vitamin deficiency alerts - fatty acids

The body can be a mysterious thing sometimes. Especially when you’re missing out on key nutrients; you may get warnings in places you wouldn’t expect!

Vitamin Deficiency Warning Signs

With the level of processed foods in modern humanity’s diet, the risks of accidental malnutrition despite an abundance of food have never been higher.

All good reasons why this series on the body’s vitamin deficiency warning signs is a must read.

Catch the fourth installment below, and don’t forget the first, second and third if you haven’t seen them already. More great tips to come!

Vitamin Deficiency Alert #4 – Red or White Acne-Like Bumps

Typically found on upper arms, thighs, cheeks or buttocks.

What’s My Body Trying to Say?

Relax. For once, it’s not B-Vitamins. If you’re experiencing these acne-like bumps, chances are you’re actually missing out on essential fatty acids and Vitamins D and A.

How Can You Fix This?

For starters, if you haven’t already cut back on saturated and trans fats. To boost your fatty acids, eat more of the following: salmon, sardines;  almonds, walnuts; seeds like chia, flax and hemp

And to boost Vitamin A, try some of these on for size: carrots, kale, red capsicum/bell peppers, spinach and sweet potatoes. The following are all rich in beta carotene, which is a precursor metabolized by your body into Vitamin A.

But for Vitamin D unfortunately, you may want to consider a supplement. Getting a bit more sunlight may help, but often it’s not easy to significantly increase your solar Vitamin D intake without risking overexposure, skin damage and skin cancers.

What’s Your Take? Do you find you get these acne-like outbreaks here and there? What’s your intake of leafy greens and fatty acids like? Are there any other great food sources we’ve missed?



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