Vitamin Deficiency Alert # 3

vitamin deficiency alerts B9

Sometimes our body sends unusual signals to let us know where missing out on key nutritional elements. With the modern consumption of processed foods, it’s no surprise that we may be lacking the right levels of important vitamins.

 Vitamin Deficiency Warning Signs

Hence our series here on the body’s unusual vitamin deficiency warning signals.

Read up on our third installment below, and don’t forget our second tip on cracks in the corners of your mouth here (plus keep an eye out for more great tips coming soon).

Vitamin Deficiency Alert # 3 – Tingling, Prickling, Numbness

Most commonly occurs in the hands, feet and other extremities. That’s because this problem relates directly to the peripheral nerves and their termination points across the body.

What’s Wrong?

It’s the B Vitamins again, folks. This time B6, B9 (folate) and B12 are the nutrients you’re likely running short on.

Can You Fix It?

Yes you can!

Amongst the best foods to boost these particular B Vitamins are: asparagus, beans (especially black, kidney, lima and pinto), beetroot, spinach; clams, eggs, mussels, octopus, oysters and poultry.

What’s Your Opinion? Do you ever get those weird tingling/numbness sensations? Even when you haven’t been lying on a limb for extended periods of time? Do you know of other great B6, B9 and B12 rich foods we’ve missed?


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