Top Ten Xmas Gift Blunders

Top Ten Christmas Gift Plunders

The silly season is upon us, bringing amongst all the festivities and frivolities the usual slew of gifts-given-and received, some delightful, some thoughtful… others less so.

As part of their annual LoveGeist survey, online dating giants have compiled this year’s list of top ten worst Christmas presents—according to the unfortunate recipients anyway.

Still stuck for ideas for what to get your loved ones, friends, co-workers? Take note! Whatever you do, make sure you don’t grab any of the items below by accident!


Match.Com’s Top Ten Xmas Gift Blunders

#1.  A flannel and soap – what message are you trying to send here? I’m stingy and you’ve got bad personal hygiene?

#2.  Food the receiver was allergic to – hot tip: potentially lethal gifts are almost always a no-no.

#3.  An axe – see above. Unless the recipient is a lumberjack and the axe is a stunning piece of craftsmanship. We’re guessing in this case the answer to both was likely no, however.

#4.  A door? Unless it’s an antique Tuscan classically carved work of art, perhaps not the best idea! And even then…

#5. An ironing board – Ah: a gift that keeps on giving. Next time skip the formalities maybe, go for the full manacles and iron ball, a plaque that reads “personal domestic slave.”

#6. A cashmere cardigan originally bought for an ex – sometimes recycling really isn’t the best answer.

#7. A pair of wellington boots – how practical,  at least if your special someone is some sort of dairy farmer.

#8. A wheelbarrow – just no. See above. Even if it’s a really nice wheelbarrow.

#9. A garlic bread making kit – again, more practical than romantic/sentimental, really. Unless, you know, they specifically asked for that sort of thing.

#10. A framed photo of the gift giver – well! Top points for self-confidence at least…


What’s the Best/Worst Xmas Gifts You’ve Received? Share your stories with us below!


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