Top Ten Reasons Morning Sex is Best

Top Reasons Morning Sex is the Best

Just in case you were unconvinced, presenting the top ten reasons morning sex is the best.

1. Natural Bonding.

Morning sex releases an especially large dose of oxytocin into both your bloodstreams, a feel-good chemical science has shown enhances feelings of bonding and relationship.

2. Greet The Day With A Healthy Glow.

Rosy Cheeks - Morning Sex

What better way to add a touch of rosy red to your cheeks!

3. Morning Orgasms Are The Best.

Morning Sex Orgasms Best

This according to TV’s Doctor Oz, anyway. We’re certain his research into this matter was fairly science-ish.

4. Best Exercise Ever – Skip The Gym.

Skip The Gym - Morning Sex

Sex can burn a fair few calories, and its other advantages over half an hour running on a treadmill should be fairly obvious. Even better, it’s free.  Hopefully.

5. Direct And To The Point.

Because there are times where fast can indeed be a good thing.

6. Immune System Boost.

Morning sex boosts your levels of immune system antibody IgA, and can therefore clearly be used as a much much more enjoyable substitute for regular doctor’s visits. If only the government would better recognise this fact, provide some sort of tax-break or subsidy.

7. It Makes You Look Better.

No, really! According to Sexpert Dr Debby Herbernick morning sex is a particularly good way to boost hormone levels, improving hair and skin health—ensuring that all-natural glow lasts you the whole day.

8. Morning Wood.

Morning Wood - Morning Sex

Enough said. Every enterprising person should know how to take advantage of a natural resource.

9. Better Male Performance.

In the morning men typically have higher testosterone levels and are better rested

10. A Smug, Self-Satisfied Sense of Accomplishment.

Feel Smug - Obama - Morning Sex

One that’ll last you through the day. After all, there’s nothing like morning sex to you a great start to the morning, a sense of accomplishment that’ll prove hard to shake, no matter what else goes on!

What Do You Think? Is morning sex really the best? Disagree? What are your favourite times then?


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  • It improves your appetite, so breakfast tastes even better. It perks you up, eliminating the need for that second cup of coffee. It sends you to work with a smile on your face, making everyone else wonder what you’re up to.

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