Top 10 reasons Robyn wants to divorce Mel Gibson.

mel-gibson10.  I am divorcing Mel Gibson over religious differences.
He thinks he is God, and I don’t.

9.  My love for Mel Gibson was blind but this marriage has been an eye opener

8. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, I think this concept is worth trying out.

7. He hasn’t dumped me; I am just setting him free.

6. I found out that I and Mel are incompatible, I am Virgo and he is an Asshole

5. He is going out with a less attractive person then me.

4. He hasn’t had a shower since he starred in “Braveheart”

3. He keeps calling me “Oksana”

2. I have just got a tan and Mel is a white supremacist

1. It is not for the money, (NOT) 😛

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