Top 10 Reasons Recession is Good For Relationships 1 – 5


There’s an abundance of research showing that stressful events like job loss can be bad news for marriages – what with the ensuing stress, bad moods, and sex lives in the Ice Age.

But the darkest cloud can have a silver lining, and there is also evidence that tough times can make relationships more enduring.

One out of three people questioned in a Romance in Recession Poll in January 2009 feel that financial constraints have brought them and their partner closer together.

So here they are, the Top 10 Reasons – Nos 1 – 5 – recession is good for relationships.

1)      Economic adversity holds people together. Marriage expert John Gottman says data from the Great Depression suggests families were more cohesive, worked more as a team, and dealt with tough times together. The same seems to be holding true in this “recession”.

2)      Divorce is down. Even divorce lawyers are feeling the pinch as couples decide to stick together rather than split their assets and separate, either because their jobs are less secure or their property has dropped in value.

3)      Surviving misfortune together helps a couple solidify their commitment into an unshakeable us-against-the world resolve. Say the people who responded to the Romance in Recession Poll: “As a couple, we have confronted a lot of difficult problems over the past year and we feel it has made us closer.”

4)      The sex gets better: In the same poll nearly 43 percent agree that they are spending more intimate time together and 20 percent feel that their sex lives have improved as a result of the economy. Typically they say “Our money concerns have made us closer, more loyal to each other and more supportive—mentally, physically and emotionally.”

5)      Leisure activities became less dollar-driven and more family-based: Over half of all couples are spending more quality time together due to financial constraints “We go out to eat less often and we now enjoy special homemade romantic meals.”

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