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Drug Coffee


Hot new Aussie coffee drink Sexpresso has come under fire—after it turns out its aphrodisiac qualities are thanks to doping with an unlisted pharmaceutical, a Viagra-like drug.



Doped Coffee

Just a little bit of ‘sugar’…


Drug Laced Coffee

The bedroom performance-enhancing coffee was found to be illegally laced with analogues of Sildenafil, the key ingredient in Viagra. Essentially a form of Sildenafil slightly modified at the molecular level, the drug has the same basic effects, but due to technically being chemically different it escapes the standard regulations and restrictions associated with Sildenafil and similar erectile dysfunction drugs.

Or at least, it has so far. Food Standards Australia New Zealand has issued an official warning to consumers about the product:

“Consumers who are using this product should stop taking it immediately and speak to a doctor if they are experiencing side effects.”


Does it Really Help Impotence?

As Sexpresso contains a drug virtually the same as Viagra’s key ingredient, it should come as no surprise that many men affected by Erectile Dysfunction reported it did indeed assist with obtaining and maintaining an erection.

Trouble is though, as the illicit active substance is essentially untried and untested, experts have no idea what (potentially dangerous) side effects might be associated with it.



Coffee Surprise

Hospital please!


Local food enforcement agencies are now investigating the matter further, as it is both illegal to sell a product containing such an ingredient unlisted, and also to even include drugs of this sort in products available over the counter without restriction.

What do you think? Is the risk being over-played, or is the drug-laced coffee as potentially dangerous as the FSANZ claims?





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