Three Reasons Young Women Dry Up

Three Reasons Young Women Dry Up

The idea that vaginal dryness is a specific problem for women in menopause is being turned on its head, as increasing numbers of younger women are finding they need to supplement natural lubrication for pain-free sex.

Doctors are seeing increased numbers of young women dealing with vaginal dryness and other sexual problems typical of menopause because of new birth control formulations, according to a US specialist in sex-related pain.

Add to that vaginal dryness caused by cigarette smoking and some types of cancer treatment, and many young women find they need additional lubrication to make love making pleasurable.

Birth Control Pills & Low Estrogen

Birth control pills low is estrogen and with a type of progestin that lowers testosterone can result in a vaginal atrophy and a lack of lubrication, says Dr Andrew Goldstein, an associate professor at George Washington University.

Dr Goldstein says he is seeing a lot of 25 year old women with low desire and who need lubricants for satisfactory sex – “and that’s ridiculous!”

But he says that doesn’t mean the pills are bad – “for a large percentage of women they are great,” – but women needed to be aware of the sexual side effects of hormonal birth control methods if they occurred, and talk to their doctor about alternatives.

Estrogen and Vaginal Lubrication

Most birth control pills do not have the same level of estrogen as a woman’s body naturally produces, so if you are noticing problems with vaginal dryness on the Pill, you might want to change to a pill with a higher estrogen dose.

Most types of birth control pills contain between a 20 and 35 microgram dose of estrogen and 1 or 5 micrograms of progestin. Women who take a 20 microgram pill might want to try a 35 microgram pill. And women already on a 35 microgram pill might want to up the dose to 50 micrograms.

Cigarettes and Vaginal Dryness
Not on the pill, but still a regular smoker?  As if cigarettes do not come with enough harmful risks, research shows that smoking cigarettes can cause vaginal dryness because it destroys estrogen in the body. Many women have found that quitting smoking helps with vaginal dryness and again allows the body to produce its natural vaginal lubricant.

Cancer Treatment and Dryness

Cancer treatment for cervical and vaginal cancer can also have a big impact on the amount of natural lubrication a women is able to produce, reports.
“For women who have cervical or vaginal cancer and radiation, the whole vagina can become a rock-hard scar,” says Irwin Goldstein, MD director of San Diego Sexual Medicine and the editor in chief of The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

And women who have received tamoxifen for breast cancer may also notice problems, because that drug stops estrogen from working, says Dr Goldstein.

These women may notice the same problems with vaginal dryness as menopausal women and those on birth control pills.

For these women, more estrogen is not an option because it may encourage the cancer, but some doctors consider local estrogen – in the form of vaginal creams, rings or tablets are relatively safe.

Or you can consider using totally natural water based intimate gel like Ignite Intimate Gel  which not only lubricates but also enhances sexual arousal.


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