Thinking About Sex Grows Beard


A little like pinocchio’s nose, it seems thinking about sex makes men’s beards grow faster.


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Grin and Bare It

This little-known fact shot to the forefront when Australian comedian and talk show host, Rove McManus, recently sent out this typically self-deprecating tweet to his followers:

‘Sound about right RT @linda360. A man’s beard grows faster when he’s anticipating sex. Does that mean @Rove never expected sex in his life?’


Bald-Faced Liar?


The reference being to Rove’s own personal beardlessness. Glib replies came in quick, suggesting the comedian must keep himself clean-shaven to hide his dirty thoughts.


Hairy Situation

How exactly does this happen though? It seems that when a man anticipates a sexual encounter, on the day before his beard does indeed grow faster.

Like most masculine traits, facial hair growth is affected by Testosterone levels. When men are thinking about sex, one way the body prepares itself in anticipation is to secrete greater quantities of Testosterone. And therefore: extended beard growth.


Don’t even ask…


Still not convinced? Believe it or not, there is actual research documenting the phenomenon, conducted back in the seventies. An unnamed scientist spent two years in isolation on a remote island, returning by boat to the mainland and civilisation for the weekend every Friday. And sure enough, when he compared his beard growth on those days…


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