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Do Sweatpants Cause Divorce?

Crocs birth control

Actress Eva Mendes found out just how few people have a sense of humour last week when she quipped ‘sweatpants’ were the Number 1 cause of divorce in the States. Twitter ran hot with enraged comment (cue #ComfortOverLove) after the Hitch and Stuck On You star and former face for brands like Calvin Klein and Revlon joked in an interview […]

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Thinking About Sex Grows Beard

Beard Smile

  A little like pinocchio’s nose, it seems thinking about sex makes men’s beards grow faster.   Image unrelated   Grin and Bare It This little-known fact shot to the forefront when Australian comedian and talk show host, Rove McManus, recently sent out this typically self-deprecating tweet to his followers: ‘Sound about right RT @linda360. A man’s beard grows faster […]

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