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Magic of Tomatoes

Mmm Tomatoes

  It’s been long established that Tomatoes are great for prostate health—thanks to that magic red antioxidant, lycopene. And it’s not just prostates. It seems the pigment helps with a host of things, including heart disease, blindness, reducing stroke risk, Atherosclerosis, and even cancer. As such it should come as no surprise that a variety of male health supplements containing […]

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Does Men’s Low Libido Mean No Sex?

low libido

Most men with low libido can perform sexually, but they have lost the desire to do so – and that leaves their partner feeling rejected and suspicious. And low desire is far more common for men than you might think.

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Lower Testosterone Equals More Falls

herbal ignite

In sports, testosterone shots or creams are supposed to be magic bullets that spur athletes to train harder, run or bicycle more quickly, jump higher, swim faster, hit a baseball farther, recover sooner, and, let’s not forget, increased sex drive and combativeness. Testosterone injections can make male rats more aggressive in marking their territories, cause castrated red deer to grow […]

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Was Michael Jackson In Male Menopause?


Michael Jackson might have wanted to be Peter Pan, forever young, but was the irony of his death that he was going through male menopause? That’s the theory advanced by two Beverly Hills anti-aging consultants to explain the common symptoms of anxiety, depression, insomnia and fatigue that led to his reliance on prescription drugs. Karen Norris and Eve Michaels of […]

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Lance Armstrong’s Low Libido

Seven times Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong says he’s no sex champion – even though he’s recently announced the birth of his fourth child, son Max (“20 inches long, 7lbs 5oz, Mommy healthy and so am I”) on Twitter. In the three years he was “retired” from professional cycling Lance made a name for himself as a celebrity skirt […]

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Hot Herbs for Valentines

here’s our pick of A Lover’s Dozen of Sex Boosting Herbs to add an extra spark to Valentines Day for men and women. For info on where you can find health products containing some of these herbs, go to www.herbalignite.com

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