Committed Couples Who Live Apart

Couples Who Live Apart

It used to be that loving couples choosing to live in separate houses were rich, famous and/or eccentric.  Famous couples who’ve maintained independent homes include Helena Bonham Carter and Tim Burton, Margaret Drabble and Michael Holroyd, Clive James and Prue Shaw, and Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre. How It Worked for Us Having shared exactly this kind of arrangement […]

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Goodbye Timothy John Bickerstaff

Tim Bickerstaff

Pay tribute to Tim or share your recollections of him by clicking “Reply” or filling in the text box above. Radio broadcaster and health products marketer Tim Bickerstaff was that unusual character – a macho man who didn’t mind taking the risk of other’s ridicule. You couldn’t say he had a small ego, but even he wouldn’t have thought that […]

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Bizarre law turns Coffee, Chocolate into prescription drugs

Chocolate, coffee and pomegranate juice could be classified as prescription-only medicines in New Zealand if a bizarre proposal aimed at outlawing “spiked” herbal sex pills is approved.

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