Sex, Lies and Sport

Why is it women involved with super sportsmen always seem to get the blame. Fir Elin was a distraction for Tiger, then because she wasn’t there he got involved with other women. Same story with any number of other hot sports men from John Terry to Ashley Cole, Andre Agassi to Lleyton Hewitt. Their women are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.

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Mistress Collects $100,000

Tiger Woods would have to be glad he’s not living in Australia. That’s because a new law there granting the equivalent of alimony for mistresses is creating bad news for philandering husbands. The “second wife” doesn’t have to be living under the same roof as her married lover to collect compensation.  As for the philandering men; if they’ve had multiple […]

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2009’s Most Influential Men

Is a fictional, hard drinking philandering 60s adman really the best we can come up with as the most inspiring male role model for 2009? AskMen’s half a million voters in the “Top 49” list seem to think so. All we can say is something is sadly awry in maledom.

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