Behave Like A Boss – And Increase Testosterone

We know testosterone plays an important role in men’s sexual performance, and low testosterone levels are one reason some men face erectile problems as they age. Natural production of testosterone declines by about 1 per cent a year from a man’s twenties, and by the time a man hits his 40s and 50s he will notice the difference. (That’s why supplements […]

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Smaller ‘nads Better Dads

Smaller Nads = Better Dads?

Men with small testicles are more likely to share in practical child care like changing nappies, cooking, bathing the kids and being present at doctor’s visits according to new US research. The study investigated 70 biological Dads living with children aged one to two and the child’s mother and found fathers with smaller gonads showed increased brain activity in the […]

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Post-Exercise Testosterone Surge Boosts Brain

Jogger - Post Exercise Testosterone Surge Boosts Brain

It’s now widely accepted that regular exercise improves brain function, enhancing our ability to remember and creatively problem-solve. The underlying mechanisms behind this are less well understood.
However new research from Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences may provide one piece of the puzzle: testosterone.

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Thinking About Sex Grows Beard

  A little like pinocchio’s nose, it seems thinking about sex makes men’s beards grow faster.   Image unrelated   Grin and Bare It This little-known fact shot to the forefront when Australian comedian and talk show host, Rove McManus, recently sent out this typically self-deprecating tweet to his followers: ‘Sound about right RT @linda360. A man’s beard grows faster […]

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Testosterone Patches Restore Libido

  New Australian research has found Testosterone patches can help boost sex drive in post-menopausal women.   World First The study’s results showed that a patch delivering 300mg of Testosterone daily resulted in significant improvements in sexual function amongst its participants, post-menopausal women with low libido. The findings were significant as they are the first in the world to show […]

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Magic of Tomatoes

Mmm Tomatoes

  It’s been long established that Tomatoes are great for prostate health—thanks to that magic red antioxidant, lycopene. And it’s not just prostates. It seems the pigment helps with a host of things, including heart disease, blindness, reducing stroke risk, Atherosclerosis, and even cancer. As such it should come as no surprise that a variety of male health supplements containing […]

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Relaxed Men Get Women

  As if Stress didn’t cause enough problems already, science has now found one more undesirable to add to the list. And it’s a biggie: Apparently stressed men are much less attractive to women.   Stress Hormones a Turn Off It seems men with high levels of stress hormone, Cortisol, tend to be a real turn off for women. The […]

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Testosterone-Cancer Link Disproved

Robbie Williams in a high profile example of a common health problem for men in mid life – low testosterone. Now a study offers new hope for safe treatment.

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