Revenge #1

Revenge Porn #1

Break Up Prompts Revenge Online What to do about the growing problem of “revenge porn” – where men “get back” at ex-girlfriends by posting private nude images online. Once posted, the images are picked up and picked up by dozens, even hundreds of other porn sites, providing spurned husbands and lovers with new ways of wreaking vengeance on the women […]

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Worst Advice for Newlyweds

Worst Newly-Wed Advice

Know someone about to tie the knot? If you’re the advice-giving sort, maybe check the list below before you start dishing out any pearls of wisdom too liberally. And if you’re a newly-wed yourself, consider yourself forewarned. Beware taking any of these hoary old chestnuts too seriously! #1 Tease Each Other This may be good advice for some couples, but […]

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Wedding Detectives

Indian Wedding Detectives

You never can be too careful these days. Or can you? In India at least, where the issue is potential brides or bridegrooms, – or even mothers-in-law – the answer is a resounding no! Indian Matrimonial Investigators On the subcontinent, and increasing number are hiring private eyes to pre-screen their relatives prospective spouses. And because so many couples live with parents, […]

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Top Ten Xmas Gift Blunders

Top Ten Christmas Gift Plunders

The silly season is upon us, bringing amongst all the festivities and frivolities the usual slew of gifts-given-and received, some delightful, some thoughtful… others less so. As part of their annual LoveGeist survey, online dating giants have compiled this year’s list of top ten worst Christmas presents—according to the unfortunate recipients anyway. Still stuck for ideas for what to […]

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Ten Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know About Fifty Shades of Grey

Fifty Shades of Grey

Everything you ever wanted to know about Fifty Shades of Great and more

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Top Ten Untranslatable Romantic Words

lost in translation - untranslatable romantic words

English is one of the world’s richest languages. However there’s plenty of words in other languages with no direct English translation, including some fascinating and touching romantic expressions. Presenting, the top ten!

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