Top Ten Xmas Gift Blunders

Top Ten Christmas Gift Plunders

The silly season is upon us, bringing amongst all the festivities and frivolities the usual slew of gifts-given-and received, some delightful, some thoughtful… others less so. As part of their annual LoveGeist survey, online dating giants have compiled this year’s list of top ten worst Christmas presents—according to the unfortunate recipients anyway. Still stuck for ideas for what to […]

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Married Men Happier

Married Men Happier - says University of Michigan

While media and movies may portray the bachelor lifestyle as non-stop thrills and spills, science suggests that settled-down, married men are actually on average much happier. Married Men a Whole Lot Happier The University of Michigan performed a study with 1366 men about to be married. Their happiness was measured before and after marriage, and then compared with a demographically […]

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Cellphones – Relationship Killers?

cell phones - relationship killers? New University of Essex research

These days cell phones are so ubiquitous, to be phoneless can feel like losing a limb. New findings however show the mere presence of a cellphone affects your relationships. Cellphones – Relationship Killers? Phones today—smart phones in particular—have become so multifunctional they’ve integrated themselves with almost all aspects of all our lives, and for many have become an indispensable lifeline […]

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Marriage Rights for ‘Thruples’?

Brazilian Thruple Defies Traditional Definition of Marriage

The question of who exactly is or isn’t entitled to a legally defined ‘marriage’ is being hotly debated in many countries at the moment. Brazil’s Novel Challenge to Tradition While the focus has typically been on sexual orientation, a recent marriage between some deeply-in-love Brazilians has highlighted a perhaps more unexpected challenge to traditional definitions of marriage— Should marriages be […]

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Unusual Proposals #3

Unusual Proposal #3, Tim Tiah with Internet Meme flash cards!

Getting sick of the flood of internet memes? If you were thinking memes were just about the least romantic of humanity’s endeavours, check out Tim Tiah’s video below and think again! Internet Meme Proposal Most people looking for a novel, meaningful and significant way to propose to their girlfriend’s probably wouldn’t conclude that a string of internet memes was the […]

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Chocolate or Sex?

  What do women really prefer? Chocolate or sex? It’s a difficult question, isn’t it. And the more you think about it the harder it gets really. In the interests of serving the general community, we’ve asked our resident Sexpert to compile the best reasons for both pleasurable pastimes coming out, erm, on top.   It’s a question that’s plagued […]

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PigBull — The Gift of Love

Ultimate Token of Affection

    Looking for a way to enhance your relationship? Nothing beats new love, and nothing shows romantic affection quite like a gifting a new snuggly, cuddly pet. Pot-Bellied Pigs have dominated the competitive marketplace of tokens of romantic affection for some time now—and for good reason. They’re intelligent, curious, clean and playful. But it may be time for the […]

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Plenty More Fish in the Sea?

  Beware a woman scorned: as one New Zealand man found out the hard way. Fishy Break-Up Attempt Primary School Teacher Angela, from Waikato, New Zealand, came home one day only to catch her boyfriend of several months in the process of sneakily shipping out to Australia. No warning, no consultation. He even used her bag to stuff his things […]

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