Four Keys to Happy Love

  A few years ago Nate Bagley was a single guy fed up with seeing Tiger Woods and Chris Brown as the ‘spokespeople’ on relationships. Both of them were men behaving badly, but they seemed to be the only people getting air time. So he started a Kickstarter and used his life savings to tour the USA and interview 100 couples in happy, […]

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Worst Advice for Newlyweds

Worst Newly-Wed Advice

Know someone about to tie the knot? If you’re the advice-giving sort, maybe check the list below before you start dishing out any pearls of wisdom too liberally. And if you’re a newly-wed yourself, consider yourself forewarned. Beware taking any of these hoary old chestnuts too seriously! #1 Tease Each Other This may be good advice for some couples, but […]

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