Pill to Prevent Prostate Cancer?

Pill Prevents Prostate Cancer?

New research says a cheap generic drug may prevent up to 40% of low-grade prostate cancers. Baldness Cure Nixes Cancer Too? Name Finasteride sound vaguely familiar? It’s better known as the active ingredient in Propecia, Male Pattern Baldness treatment. The research conducted by the University of Texas Health Sciences Center provides strong evidence the drug may be a much safer way to […]

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Testosterone-Cancer Link Disproved

Robbie Williams in a high profile example of a common health problem for men in mid life – low testosterone. Now a study offers new hope for safe treatment.

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Exercise Great For Cancer Survival

If the benefits cancer patients get from exercise were a new drug it would be making headlines. Moderate exercise five times a week can increase survival rates by up to 50 per cent – and yet patients aren’t being told.

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