Want To Be Successful? Get Happy!


It seems happiness counts for much more than intelligence when it comes to success. A growing body of “happiness research” is showing that happiness may even be a pre-requisite for success in the first place. We all know folks who achieve success and aren’t one smile closer to happiness as a result. A 1984 meta-review concluded that high IQ can explain only […]

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Top Ten Reasons Morning Sex is Best

Top Reasons Morning Sex is the Best

Just in case you were unconvinced, presenting the top ten reasons morning sex is the best. 1. Natural Bonding. Morning sex releases an especially large dose of oxytocin into both your bloodstreams, a feel-good chemical science has shown enhances feelings of bonding and relationship. 2. Greet The Day With A Healthy Glow. What better way to add a touch of […]

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The Humanitarian Hormone

Dr. Paul Zak, AKA 'Dr Love', author of The Moral Molecule

Could mushy rom-coms, cuddles and long walks on the beach actually make us better people? ‘Dr. Love’, Paul Zak, certainly thinks so.

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