‘No satisfaction’ – Marianne and Mick

No Satisfaction - Marianne Faithful and Mick Jagger

It wasn’t just Rolling Stones lead singer Mick Jagger who “can’t get no satisfaction.” According to his famous lover Marianne Faithfull, life in the 60s wasn’t one long orgasmic love-in for her either. In an episode of the BBC’s family tracing TV show Who Do You Think You Are? screened in the UK recently, 66-year-old Faithfull says when she was […]

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Groovy Old Men

Groovy Old Men set their own rules. Age is a state of mind, they think, as they swagger through life, a permanent 37, able to ignore the mirror’s evidence to the contrary.

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Why Sex is Better With Rich Men

Women have more orgasms with rich men, according to new research which shows “the more desirable the mate, the greater the sexual pleasure.” Until now some of us may have taken consolation in the idea that the beautiful women involved in relationships with rich old men were just doing it for the lifestyle – and enduring the sex. Examples abound. […]

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