Wedding Bells Ring for 30-to-50 year olds

Long time lovers and late starters are setting a new trend in getting married. They’re tying the knot, often after years of living together, or as a second (or third) time-round new beginning. Everyone from Ivana Trump to Harrison Ford and Lou Reed are making vows – or promising to – as the 30 plus age group leads the way in promising to love “till death us do part”.

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Top 10 Reasons Recession is Good For Relationships 1 – 5

There’s an abundance of research showing that stressful events like job loss can be bad news for marriages – what with the ensuing stress, bad moods, and sex lives in the Ice Age. But the darkest cloud can have a silver lining, and there is also evidence that tough times can make relationships more enduring. One out of three people […]

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Redford and Fonda – Life An Adventure or Nothing

What is it about turning 70?  First Robert Redford gets married at 72, and then Jane Fonda announces she’s in love again at 71, having thought “all the good stuff” was now a thing of the past. The two stars – each a Hollywood legend in their own lifetimes – are powerful exponents of the Helen Keller* approach: “Life at […]

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