The Love Fix

Chemically-Assisted Love

Seems there’s a drug for everything these days. The latest though, in case you missed it, may be the most novel yet: A drug to fix relationship spats. Yep, that’s right, chemically-assisted love—right up the nose. Nasally Delivered Harmony For too long purists have located the seat of love and happiness in the heart, unfairly overlooking our romantically aspirational nasal […]

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The Humanitarian Hormone

Dr. Paul Zak, AKA 'Dr Love', author of The Moral Molecule

Could mushy rom-coms, cuddles and long walks on the beach actually make us better people? ‘Dr. Love’, Paul Zak, certainly thinks so.

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Transit of Venus: Love Omen?

Transit Of Venus

You may be aware that June 6th/5th (depending on your timezone) marks rare astronomical phenomenon the Transit of Venus, something that won’t recur until 2117. But a once in a life-time romantic omen?   ‘Valentine’s Day on Steroids’? That’s the claim being put forward by an esoteric group of American astrologists, the American Astrological Science Society. The astrologists claim to […]

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PigBull — The Gift of Love

Ultimate Token of Affection

    Looking for a way to enhance your relationship? Nothing beats new love, and nothing shows romantic affection quite like a gifting a new snuggly, cuddly pet. Pot-Bellied Pigs have dominated the competitive marketplace of tokens of romantic affection for some time now—and for good reason. They’re intelligent, curious, clean and playful. But it may be time for the […]

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