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What Jane Fonda Can Teach Us About Sex At Any Age

  Can you believe this woman is 77 years old?  Jane Fonda blew everyone else out of the water at the Grammy Awards earlier this year in a green Balmain jumpsuit. She’ll be 78 in December but she keeps proving that she’s the sexiest 70-something dame around – and she’s been talking up her sex life with her music-producer partner […]

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Giving Back Good For Health

Giving Back

Making an active contribution to the future is a strong indicator of not just emotional but also sexual health.

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Jane Fonda Finds Love at 71

richard perry

Gorgeous Jane Fonda is in love again – outing herself on her blog http://janefonda.com/pda/ – after she was caught in “public displays of affection” (PDAs) with music producer Richard Perry at a birthday party for legendary muso Robbie Robertson at Los Angeles’ Sunset Tower Bar. She’d hinted in an earlier post that she was in love; “Maybe I shouldn’t have […]

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Redford and Fonda – Life An Adventure or Nothing

Jane Fonda and Robert Redford

What is it about turning 70?  First Robert Redford gets married at 72, and then Jane Fonda announces she’s in love again at 71, having thought “all the good stuff” was now a thing of the past. The two stars – each a Hollywood legend in their own lifetimes – are powerful exponents of the Helen Keller* approach: “Life at […]

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