Is Lust Worth Breaking A Marriage Up Over?

Is it worth breaking up a marriage because one partner has been unfaithful?  That’s the question facing many couples when they’ve done a lot of marriage miles, the grass looks greener somewhere else, and they’re feeling either beguiled by an attractive alternative or abandoned by the current spouse. It’s a topic that surfaces daily in the gossip columns. Are Ben […]

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Life Is Short, Have An Affair

Ashley Madison, Life is Short Have an Affair

With their slogan ‘Life is short, have an affair’, online adultery dating service Ashley Madison makes no secret of what they’re about. And after a very successful launch in the west (current membership 20 million cheaters and counting), they’ve set their sights on a new market apparently ripe for their services: China. Huge Chinese Demand for Adultery Services? The company […]

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Cheating Bad For Heart?

Cheating bad for the heart?

Apparently, adultery is bad for the heart. According to the Italians anyway, whose claim to expertise in such matters we won’t question.

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Financial Cheating as Bad as an Affair

  No one should really have to be told that sexual infidelity is a sure-fire way to cause some relationship dramas. New research however suggests there may be another type of cheating may be just as damaging—so-called financial infidelity.   Unaccountable Cheating A joint survey between and SELF magazine of over 23 000 participants found that almost half of […]

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