Berries for Better Health # 1

Acai - Berries for Better Health #1

Berries may not be the giants of the produce world, size-wise, but these diminutive fruits punch well above their weight in health benefits (and let’s not forget flavour!). High levels of antioxidants and photochemicals make berries the ultimate anti-ageing foods, packing proven boons for your brain, skin and heart health. They can even reduce the risks of diabetes and certain […]

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Relaxed Men Get Women

  As if Stress didn’t cause enough problems already, science has now found one more undesirable to add to the list. And it’s a biggie: Apparently stressed men are much less attractive to women.   Stress Hormones a Turn Off It seems men with high levels of stress hormone, Cortisol, tend to be a real turn off for women. The […]

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