Berries for Better Health # 1

Acai - Berries for Better Health #1

Berries may not be the giants of the produce world, size-wise, but these diminutive fruits punch well above their weight in health benefits (and let’s not forget flavour!). High levels of antioxidants and photochemicals make berries the ultimate anti-ageing foods, packing proven boons for your brain, skin and heart health. They can even reduce the risks of diabetes and certain […]

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Top Ten Reasons Morning Sex is Best

Top Reasons Morning Sex is the Best

Just in case you were unconvinced, presenting the top ten reasons morning sex is the best. 1. Natural Bonding. Morning sex releases an especially large dose of oxytocin into both your bloodstreams, a feel-good chemical science has shown enhances feelings of bonding and relationship. 2. Greet The Day With A Healthy Glow. What better way to add a touch of […]

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Relaxed Men Get Women

  As if Stress didn’t cause enough problems already, science has now found one more undesirable to add to the list. And it’s a biggie: Apparently stressed men are much less attractive to women.   Stress Hormones a Turn Off It seems men with high levels of stress hormone, Cortisol, tend to be a real turn off for women. The […]

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