Transit of Venus: Love Omen?

Transit Of Venus

You may be aware that June 6th/5th (depending on your timezone) marks rare astronomical phenomenon the Transit of Venus, something that won’t recur until 2117. But a once in a life-time romantic omen?   ‘Valentine’s Day on Steroids’? That’s the claim being put forward by an esoteric group of American astrologists, the American Astrological Science Society. The astrologists claim to […]

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Roxxxy GRRRL!

Robot Girlfriend

  Having trouble getting a girl, but wanting something a little more, er, interactive than a blow-up doll? Presenting Roxxxy: Robot Sex Girlfriend!     Only slightly less deadly, maybe   Is it Safe? Worried about any untried technology that  Fear not! Roxxxy is actually the ninth refinement of the Robot Sex Girlfriend, who’s first foray into the market was […]

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Labour of Love?

  New western film Good For Nothing is making headlines for its unconventional protagonist: an anti-hero hell-bent on getting his erectile dysfunction cured, by hook or by crook.   Pistol Out Of Lead The character is your typical western anti-hero:  gaunt, weather-burnt face (prone of course to thousand-yard stares, squinting against the setting sun), purloined wench in tow— Only in […]

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PigBull — The Gift of Love

Ultimate Token of Affection

    Looking for a way to enhance your relationship? Nothing beats new love, and nothing shows romantic affection quite like a gifting a new snuggly, cuddly pet. Pot-Bellied Pigs have dominated the competitive marketplace of tokens of romantic affection for some time now—and for good reason. They’re intelligent, curious, clean and playful. But it may be time for the […]

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Seven Signs of Facebook Addiction

Just logging in to check your updates? Again? If this is already the tenth or eleventh time today, and you’ve liked more links than you’ve spoken words to those around you, it’s quite possible you’re in danger of becoming addicted to Facebook. Sound a little far-fetched? Believe it or not, new research has now suggested that for some people Facebook […]

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Sweden Wants Hot Nurses

  Sometimes, even a university degree and relevant experience just isn’t enough. Or at least maybe not if you want to work as a nurse in Sweden ‘TV Series Hot’ “’TV-Series hot’ nurses wanted”, read the job listing for one of Stockholm’s major hospitals. The role advertised was a summer position working in the hospital’s emergency department. The advertisement also […]

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