Add Thirty Years to Your Life

Add Thirty Years

Want to live a long, happy life? Well you’re not the only one! Believe it or not, a whopping 70% of your lifespan is determined by lifestyle and environment factors. Presenting, nine great health tips that can add up to an extra thirty years of life!   Longevity Tip # 1 – Eat Antioxidants for Five More Years There’s plenty […]

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Depression Link to Heart Disease

Depression Linked to Heart Disease

People with depression could be at greater risk of heart disease, according to an international study led by an Australian researcher. Mild depression is associated with doubling the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and heart attack (and death from these causes), and severe depression has an even more profound effect – with up to five times the rate of cardiovascular […]

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Cheating Bad For Heart?

Cheating bad for the heart?

Apparently, adultery is bad for the heart. According to the Italians anyway, whose claim to expertise in such matters we won’t question.

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Magic of Tomatoes

Mmm Tomatoes

  It’s been long established that Tomatoes are great for prostate health—thanks to that magic red antioxidant, lycopene. And it’s not just prostates. It seems the pigment helps with a host of things, including heart disease, blindness, reducing stroke risk, Atherosclerosis, and even cancer. As such it should come as no surprise that a variety of male health supplements containing […]

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ED – It’s Normal So Talk About It

  Erectile or prostate problems are normal in men over 40 – so why can’t we just get on and talk about it? That’s the message from a group of Aussie doctors who say erectile dysfunction is often an early warning sign of other health problems – like heart disease and diabetes. And if men acknowledged the problem when it […]

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