50s Relationship Tips Still Relevant

50s relationship advice still relevant

Think the fifties were marked only by backwards social attitudes and sexism? You might want to think again. While certain retrogressive attitudes towards did exist, not everything from the decade deserves to be relegated to the scrapheap. For example, the timeless relationship advice of one Dorothy Carnegie. Dorothy Carnegie’s Original Relationship Tips While her advice was aimed at women hoping […]

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You Can Teach Old Dogs New Tricks

  Conventional wisdom used to be, that once you hit adulthood the brain your basically set in concrete. We now know that this isn’t the case and there’s lifelong potential for new brain growth. This is called neurogenesis or brain plasticity. As the brain changes, so does the mind. But the reverse is also true. It’s known that too much […]

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The Secret Science of Happiness

Traditionally, psychology has focused on what troubles the human mind. But Dr Seligman and Dr Diener have turned that frown upside down, so to speak.

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