The Bride’s Ex’s!

Huge fans of New Zealand Rugby and their national team, the All Blacks, UK couple Amy and James Burnside got the ultimate surprise at their wedding when they saw the video put together by best man, Mike Benson. All Blacks Ex-Lovers? Knowing the couple’s love for rugby, Benson pulled some strings through friends of friends and put together a spoof […]

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Jedi Burgers

A French hamburger chain is defending its controversial decision to produce and sell so-called ‘Jedi Burgers’. Darth Burger A leading French fast-food chain, Choisis’s latest publicity stunt has been timed with the re-release of the first of the star wars prequel, in remastered 3D. Experts say have the potential risk of turning some consumers into Jedi, imbuing them with either […]

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Flying Sharks Ground Planes

  Planes have been grounded across all major European airports, due to preliminary reports of a massive shark infestation. Flying Sharks Pilot Alain Blindeis was the first to report the bizarre phenomena. “Well, you wouldn’t believe it if your own mother told you… but there it was. A huge shark. Flying right outside the cockpit window. I could not believe […]

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