Erections Explained

Penile Wall Tissue

  It’s one of nature’s miracles, how what is basically a tube of liquid becomes erection-hard and a tool of pleasure and procreation. And now a female doctor has discovered the true underlying mechanism. Dr Diane Kelly, University of Massachusetts Reproductive Anatomy Specialist, says that while the traditional scientific understanding of penile erections explains expansion, it doesn’t really explain penile […]

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Too Hot To Handle

Drug Coffee

  Hot new Aussie coffee drink Sexpresso has come under fire—after it turns out its aphrodisiac qualities are thanks to doping with an unlisted pharmaceutical, a Viagra-like drug.     Just a little bit of ‘sugar’…   Drug Laced Coffee The bedroom performance-enhancing coffee was found to be illegally laced with analogues of Sildenafil, the key ingredient in Viagra. Essentially […]

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Meds and ED – How Much is Too Much?

Too Many Meds

  How many meds do you take daily? If it’s almost a handful, look out: you may be at increased risk of Erectile Dysfunction, according to new research findings.   But surely this can only be good for me…     Pills Kill Erections? Published in the British Journal of Urology, the study tracked medication usage and Erectile Dysfunction incidence […]

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Cycling Kills Sex?

Cycling Kills Your Sex Life?

  Cycling is a great form of exercise: low joint impact, high cardiovascular benefit. Plus it tones legs like nobody’s business. But what good is that if your love life’s all dried up as a result?   If only I had a real woman to appreciate my super-toned thigh muscles.   Cycling Kills Sex? There’s been much debate over this […]

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