Cycling Kills Sex?

Cycling Kills Your Sex Life?

  Cycling is a great form of exercise: low joint impact, high cardiovascular benefit. Plus it tones legs like nobody’s business. But what good is that if your love life’s all dried up as a result?   If only I had a real woman to appreciate my super-toned thigh muscles.   Cycling Kills Sex? There’s been much debate over this […]

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Labour of Love?

  New western film Good For Nothing is making headlines for its unconventional protagonist: an anti-hero hell-bent on getting his erectile dysfunction cured, by hook or by crook.   Pistol Out Of Lead The character is your typical western anti-hero:  gaunt, weather-burnt face (prone of course to thousand-yard stares, squinting against the setting sun), purloined wench in tow— Only in […]

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ED – It’s Normal So Talk About It

  Erectile or prostate problems are normal in men over 40 – so why can’t we just get on and talk about it? That’s the message from a group of Aussie doctors who say erectile dysfunction is often an early warning sign of other health problems – like heart disease and diabetes. And if men acknowledged the problem when it […]

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ED – Early Warning Sign

  Erectile dysfunction is an important early warning sign for heart disease and diabetes, according to a new study by Australian doctors. But they say the link is not well understood by health practitioners or men, who are reluctant to seek medical advice for the condition. An analysis by Melbourne researchers, published in the Medical Journal of Australia and reported in […]

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Does Men’s Low Libido Mean No Sex?

Most men with low libido can perform sexually, but they have lost the desire to do so – and that leaves their partner feeling rejected and suspicious. And low desire is far more common for men than you might think.

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