Do Folk Digestive Remedies Really Work?

Do Folk Remedies Really Work?

Before the big drug companies flooded the market, people turned to a range of natural treatments for digestive ailments. However even in the age of Big Pharma many seem to prefer time-tested natural options. Are they effective though? Here’s the inside info on some of the more popular options. Licorice – Ulcer and Heartburn Help? Licorice root contains several compounds […]

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Too Hot To Handle

Drug Coffee

  Hot new Aussie coffee drink Sexpresso has come under fire—after it turns out its aphrodisiac qualities are thanks to doping with an unlisted pharmaceutical, a Viagra-like drug.     Just a little bit of ‘sugar’…   Drug Laced Coffee The bedroom performance-enhancing coffee was found to be illegally laced with analogues of Sildenafil, the key ingredient in Viagra. Essentially […]

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Smelling Good and Bad Love

When it comes to discerning a new hot love, we should trust our noses. That’s the message from new research which shows that amongst the 10,000 different odours we humans can smell, the one that might be most critical to our future is the unconscious one of sniffing out a compatible mate.

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