Seven Ways to Beat Bedroom Boredom

If you’ve been married so long your sex life is on auto pilot – or worse still practically non-existent – don’t give up just yet. Making it easy to say “yes” to sex is not as hard as you think it might be, if you’ve got wise advice from someone like leading sex expert Dr Rosie King. In her book […]

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Staying Sensual in Your 40s

A new survey shows many British women say they enjoyed their best sex in their 20s, with their forties and fifties marred by sexual insecurity as they grow older. The Daily Mail reports that rather than feeling that “Life Begins at Forty” many women feel anxious, unattractive and unaroused as they reach midlife.  And many are unaware they may be […]

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Cuddling Couples Have Better Sex Lives

Cuddling Couple

Cosying up on the couch is great for your sex life – but  not immediately. New research shows the actual cuddle leads to sex in only one out of six times, but couples who cuddle a lot also report having better sex lives. And that’s not news to relationship counsellors who understand the best sex happens when couples feel close […]

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