Depression Link to Heart Disease

Depression Linked to Heart Disease

People with depression could be at greater risk of heart disease, according to an international study led by an Australian researcher. Mild depression is associated with doubling the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and heart attack (and death from these causes), and severe depression has an even more profound effect – with up to five times the rate of cardiovascular […]

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Domestic Abuse Changes Brain

Individuals who have suffered domestic violence show similar brain patterns to veteran soliders exposed to combat violence. That’s according to recent research published in scientific journal, Current Biology. Threat Detection The study found that the Amygdala in both groups showed similar patterns of heightened activity, when shown photos of angry faces. This suggests that victims of domestic abuse may have […]

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When Drugs Kill Your Sex Life

It’s hard when you are in a black hole and yet the very drugs you may need to get you out of it dampen down libido. But there are ways to get through the tough times without dropping the meds. Tips for when drugs kill your sex life.

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Is Your Music Depressing You?

Try your hand at an on-line survey on how the music you listen to affects your mood, and help Sydney’s Black Dog Institute with research on depression that can help thousands of people.

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