Best Durex Condom Ad Ever?

Durex - best condom ad ever?

There’s probably enough good reasons to use condoms out there already, but just in case you weren’t convinced, international condom giants Durex have come up with a hilarious new commercial that’s sure to really drive the point home with some men! New Durex Ad ‘borderline melodramatic genius’ Because as Durex’s clever new ad shows, the unintended consequences of unprotected sex […]

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Perils of Middle Aged Sex

  Older men and women getting back into dating after divorce or bereavement need to be aware of the dangers of unprotected sex, as the number of STD’s soar in the over 40s. Health authorities warn chlamydia has doubled in this group and genital warts and herpes are also on the rise. Surveys show three quarters of women under 50 […]

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