Brazilian Waiters on Ignite?

Patrons of an unnamed restaurant in Rio Verde, Brazil were in for a surprise. Moments after the waiter appeared to take their order, something else appeared… (we won’t spoil the surprise—click the video link below and discover the hilarity for yourself!) Had the waiter been taking Herbal Ignite, or was there something a little suspicious about what was hiding in […]

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Marriage Rights for ‘Thruples’?

Brazilian Thruple Defies Traditional Definition of Marriage

The question of who exactly is or isn’t entitled to a legally defined ‘marriage’ is being hotly debated in many countries at the moment. Brazil’s Novel Challenge to Tradition While the focus has typically been on sexual orientation, a recent marriage between some deeply-in-love Brazilians has highlighted a perhaps more unexpected challenge to traditional definitions of marriage— Should marriages be […]

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