Depression Link to Heart Disease

Depression Linked to Heart Disease

People with depression could be at greater risk of heart disease, according to an international study led by an Australian researcher. Mild depression is associated with doubling the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and heart attack (and death from these causes), and severe depression has an even more profound effect – with up to five times the rate of cardiovascular […]

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Cheating Bad For Heart?

Cheating bad for the heart?

Apparently, adultery is bad for the heart. According to the Italians anyway, whose claim to expertise in such matters we won’t question.

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Post-Exercise Testosterone Surge Boosts Brain

Jogger - Post Exercise Testosterone Surge Boosts Brain

It’s now widely accepted that regular exercise improves brain function, enhancing our ability to remember and creatively problem-solve. The underlying mechanisms behind this are less well understood.
However new research from Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences may provide one piece of the puzzle: testosterone.

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Calorie Cuts Don’t Increase Lifespan

Rhesus Monkey Calorie Reduction Diet No Lifespan Gains

Thinking of following the Methuselah Mice, and increasing your lifespan with a cut to your calorie intake? New findings suggest this might not apply to people after all…

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Julie Andrews Changes Her Tune at 70

Julie Andrews and My Favourite Things

To celebrate her recent 70th birthday Julie Andrews of The Sound of Music fame gave a surprise performance at New York’s Radio City Music Hall. And as might be expected, one of the numbers performed was ever-popular ‘My Favourite Things’. What wasn’t so expected though was the new lyrics the famous Septuagenarian substituted! As listed here:   Botox and nose […]

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