Sweden Wants Hot Nurses


Sometimes, even a university degree and relevant experience just isn’t enough. Or at least maybe not if you want to work as a nurse in Sweden

‘TV Series Hot’

“’TV-Series hot’ nurses wanted”, read the job listing for one of Stockholm’s major hospitals. The role advertised was a summer position working in the hospital’s emergency department.

The advertisement also stated that a sense of humour would be a definite advantage.

Generating a Buzz

The Ad has generated significant media hype and buzz.

And this, the hospital claims, was its main objective all along.

“”Everybody else writes ‘Summer Substitutes wanted’. We wanted a more catchy title,” says head nurse, Mats Glaser. “There’s been no negative feedback.”

Eventually the hospital made an official release clarifying the strategy, stating that it was a good humoured attempted to pique curiousity, and that they would hire the best candidate—regardless of looks!

What do you think? Good-natured japes, or sexist exploitation?


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