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Fenugreek and Pestle


Mention Fenugreek, and the first thing that pops into mind is probably a really nice curry. But an Erectile Dysfunction treatment?


Fenugreek Curry

Tastiest medicine ever?




Fenugreek Spices up Lovelife Too

A new study by the Centre for Integrative Clinical and Molecular Medicine found that men who took a Fenugreek supplement twice a day experienced significant improvement in their libido.

60 Men aged 25 to 52 either took the Fenugreek supplement over a period of six weeks, or else a placebo. Selection was randomised, and double-blind. By the end of the six weeks, the men who had been on the Fenugreek supplement experienced an average increase of 25% in their libido scores.

As well as this, two-thirds reported a decrease in the time it took to gain another erection after sex, and 82% reported feeling more vitality and energy overall.

Popeye Spinach

Spinach! What a waste of my time…


How Does it Work?

How does a curry herb spice up your sex drive? The effect is believe to be due to a compound called Saponin, found in Fenugreek seeds, that stimulates production of male sex hormones, such as Testosterone.

Further research is needed though before drawing any concrete conclusions about the precise mechanism.


Suitable for Women?

The evidence so far suggests these sorts of remedial doses of Fenugreek may be unsuitable for women, however. In women, at these levels, it has been associated with irritation of asthma and a hypoglycaemic affect in women affected by diabetes.

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  • Fenugreek definitely enhances love life, I can tell that from my own experience. It is not a miracle plant that cures all your male problems, but it definitely helps, especially in combination with other natural treatments.

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