Spark Libido AND Lose Weight?


A “Viagra-type” pill for women designed to boost sex drive may also help them lose weight.

The pill, called ORLIBID, is based on a synthetic version of melatonin, a natural hormone which gained popularity as a supplement for insomnia and overcoming jet lag.

Research on how it affects sex drive has shown contradictory results, with claims that melatonin both increases and decreases sex drive, depending on the dose.

Winning Double Action

But the British developers of the libido tablet – due for release next year following clinical trials – hope they onto a sure fire winner, suggesting it will not just spark sex drive but may also curb appetite.

A Spanish study showed melatonin helps control weight gain by stimulating the appearance of a type of fat cell that burns calories instead of storing them.

Restore Without Supercharging

Mike Wyllie, part of the team that created Viagra, who is advising ORLIBID, says “It will be for everyone from those where female sexual dysfunction is destroying their relationships to those just wanting to spice up their sex life.”

It is hoped it will restore a slumped sex drive without ‘supercharging’ it.

Results In 15 Minutes

Taken 15 minutes before sex, the pills could boost sexual desire for more than two hours.

In Australia, NZ and Britain melatonin is currently only available with a doctor’s prescription, although it is sold as an over the counter supplement in the US and online. It is generally approved for “primary insomnia in those over 55.”

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