Six Things That Could Be Killing Your Sex Life


Some of the simplest little habits you’ve developed may be to blame for a lack lustre sex life. We take a look at six things you eat or do that may be killing intimacy.

The Snack You Thought Was Perfectly Healthy




Nothing kills sex quicker than  . . .  genital pain.

If you’ve never had a history of vulvar pain but suddenly you’re struck down with it, take a close look at what you are eating.

Snacking on foods that might seem perfectly healthy – sipping black tea, munching on spinach salad, refried beans, lentils, and dark chocolate – could see you overdosing on oxalates which can cause a host of very unsexy symptoms like:

  • burning during urination
  • external female genital pain or irritation (vulvodynia)
  • kidney stones
  • joint pain
  • and hives

Even snacking on chocolate coated almonds can do it. Take a look at low oxalate info to get a good idea of what to avoid.

Skimping On Exercise




Nothing kills sex quicker than . . . . feeling sluggish

Missing out on your early morning walk may seem justifiable when you’re pressed for time, but skimping on exercise may be depriving you of recharging your libido naturally.

University of Texas researchers found that:

There are a host of other studies to show exercise does wonders for your sex life so do yourself and favour and build in at least 40 minutes of moderate to high energy movement to your life four or five times a week.

Too Much TV



Nothing kills sex quicker than . . . soppy TV shows

Watching too much TV – particularly popular shows with a romantic storyline (True Blood, Downton Abbey,) made couples more dissatisfied with their own partner, and more likely to cheat, according to a 2012 study.

Other research found students who watched romantic shows were more likely to expect their partner to understand their innermost thoughts without any need for them to explain.

All recipes for disaster in long term relationships in real life, where appreciating one another and communicating well are essential for maintaining good sex.

And Talking of Technology  . . .



Nothing kills sex quicker than  . . . a ringing cell phone

Letting your cell phone interrupt foreplay is guaranteed to douse the erotic fires.

Even if it never rang, the presence of a cellphone on a table during a date decreased intimacy, according to one University of Essex study.

Couples felt less trusting and open with it displayed, the study found. Researchers suggested the presence of the phone suggested distraction and lack of interest, as if the owner could switch to something more interesting if he got bored.

And its best to ban technology from the bedroom altogether if you want sizzling sex.  An Italian study found couples who did not have a TV in their bedroom had twice as much sex as those who did.

Ian Kerner, CNN sex counsellor and author of several books on how to be Good In Bed, advises recharging phones and computers away from the bedroom  and keeping them out of the room during sex.

Adjust Those Handle Bars



Nothing kills sex quicker than . . . the workout you’re addicted to

Spin or RPM indoor cycling classes may be just the thing to get you revving, but unless you have the handlebars adjusted correctly they could be leaving you with physical damage that goes beyond feeling a little bum sore after a workout.

Women’s health researchers at Yale University School of Medicine found that female cyclists who rode with their handlebars set lower than their seats experienced pressure on the soft tissue of the perineum and had decreased ability to sensation in the genital nerves. Adjusting the handlebars to a more upright siting position puts the weight back on your sit bones, not decreases the risk of sexual dysfunction.

The Sex Enhancer Women Secretly Swear By


Nothing kills sex quicker than . . . inadequate lubrication

Lubrication is essential to smooth satisfying sex and sometimes nature falls down on the job no matter what age or stage you are at in life.

Stress, hormonal change and the side effects of pharmaceuticals – from contraceptive pills to cancer drugs can affect natural lubrication.

There are some excellent lubricant gels available to provide the extra boost you may need, but be sure to choose something that isn’t going to make the situation even worse by causing vaginal irritation.

Some lubricants contain propylene glycol, a preservative many women find irritating.

Choose instead something that is all-natural and less likely to cause irritation, like Ignite Intimate Gel which not only lubricates, but also adds a little aphrodisiac enhancement with L arginine and South American rain forest herbs.



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