Sex Better With Age?

Sex Better With Age


Can sex really get better as you age? Despite what Hollywood might be trying to tell you to the contrary, it seems the answer to this question is yes. Yes it can.


Sexual Satisfaction Increases with Age

Anecdotal evidence has long suggested most women find sexual satisfaction increases with age.

New findings now seem to confirm this. A study of 50,000 women aged 18 to 101, published in the American Journal of Medicine, found that despite women reporting decreasing sexual desire as they aged, they reported increases in sexual satisfaction, arousal and orgasm.

The participants in the study answered questions about prevalence of sexual activity, hormone use, arousal frequency, orgasm frequency, lubrication levels, sexual desire and satisfaction. For the purposes of the study, sex, sexual caressing, foreplay and masturbation were all considered sexual activity.


The Vital Statistics

There were some other interesting findings from the study too.

  1. While frequency of sex decreased with age, 47.5% of the oldest cohort of women rated their experience of sexual satisfaction as always or almost always. Amongst the youngest cohort, only 33.5% report this satisfaction
  2. The youngest cohort of women reported the highest frequency of arousal, but 20% of women aged 80 plus rated arousal and orgasm experience as always or almost always
  3. 67% overall experienced orgasm always or almost always. The highest frequency of orgasm satisfaction was reported by both the youngest and the oldest cohorts.
  4. 54% of sexually active women were very satisfied with the level of emotional closeness during sex, with only 22% dissatisfied.
  5. Satisfaction with emotional closeness during sex was strongly associated with a higher frequency of reported orgasm.


What are your thoughts? Like a fine wine, can sex really improve with age?

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