Senior Sexting

Silver Sexting

If you thought sexting was a youth-based phenomenon only, think again.  Apparently senior sexting is more common and popular than you might think.

Australians Discover ‘Silver Sexters’

First came the wave of so-called silver surfers, seniors keeping up with their younger relatives on social media sites like Facebook. Now, according to Aussie dating website, comes the rise of ‘silver sexters’.

Sexting, a slang hybrid of texting and sex, is defined according to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary as the sending of sexually explicit text messages or images.

Sexting has traditionally been seen as the domain of young people, and the finding that persons over the age of fifty also sext appears to have come as a surprise to Australians. In fact a casual survey of shoppers in Melbourne malls found almost all Australians middle-aged and over stated they were very surprised indeed by these findings, with many claiming they did not even know what sexting was, and certainly had never personally partaken in any such activities.

Sexting No Longer a Dirty Word

Benaughty’s findings seem to indicate otherwise however, with data showing sexting is popular amongst all ages and genders, though Australian women on average send more than men. As Benaughty representative Sean Wood puts it:

“Sexting has become increasingly acceptable and is no longer considered a dirty word…”

Then again, probably has a personal interest in popularising this sort of thing amongst all age groups, or at least if their domain name choice is anything to go by. It’s unlikely they’d promote findings that discouraged sexting.

Two recent American studies however have reported preliminary findings that seem to support Benaughty’s senior sexting data. And most people seem to agree that generally speaking sexting is harmless fun.

Just be sure to check the intended recipient carefully!

What’s Your Opinion? Has sexting now become common across all age groups? Harmless fun, or is there real cause for concern? Let us know your thoughts, we love to get your take on things!


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