Roxxxy – Sex Doll With A Difference


At home all alone and can’t be bothered going out to find someone new?

Meet Roxxxy, the most sophisticated sex doll on the market, with lifelike skin, the ability to carry on a conversation, move her limbs, simulate real sex and mimic orgasm.

Cynics amongst the female population might suggest being able to carry on a conversation is a drawback rather than a benefit, but Roxxxy’s other accoutrements pretty much complete the list of what most men want in a woman.

However having such low thoughts would be to underestimate the utopian intentions of developer True Companion, which hopes that one day Roxxxy will be a friend who listens and is even able to cook breakfast the next morning.

Always Turned On

Descended from healthcare robots designed to help care for the elderly, Roxxxy is seen as providing “true companionship” for lonely men and women – there is a male version called Rocky – a “real boyfriend or girlfriend” rather than a mute doll.

True Companion’s marketing line is these dolls are “always turned on and ready to play.”

Roxxxy stands at an average height of 5-foot-7, and weighs a waifish 60 pounds. She converses with the aid of some light artificial intelligence, and comes in pre-programmed personalities; shy, ‘new to the whole thing and needing guidance,’ inexperienced, or horny sexbot.  (True Companions’ product page likens this to “wife swapping without the drama.”)

Creepiest of all, you can trade her online with friends.

Money Can Buy You Love?


Variations of the sexbot have been in development since 2001, but a version that is mobile was launched last year.

ExtremeTech reports the primary, responsive version is quite expensive, (around US$6500 as far as you can tell from True Companion’s website) though there are cheaper, limbless versions that are made specifically to be stuffed inside a pillowcase to better hide from company.

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  • Great stuff I read ever, having sex with a sex doll is the best option when you are feeling alone and you do not have another options.

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