Princes’ Hair Loss Perils



Prince Harry is joining his brother Prince William in facing up to a thinning hairline which experts say is typical of inherited male pattern baldness.

But hopefully neither is likely to follow pop star Justin Bieber’s cheeky suggestion that Prince William take baldness drug Propecia. If they want to take something for hair loss, they’d be better considering saw palmetto, a herb which is believed to inhibit the hormone which causes hair thinning.

Propecia and Sex Problems

If the Princes followed Justin Bieber’s suggestion, they’d be more likely to end up impotent. Following two recent studies showing men suffered persistent long term sexual dysfunction and depression after taking finasteride – the drug marketed as Propecia and Proscar – the number of law suits lodged against pharmaceutical giant Merck has risen and sales have fallen.

Conducted by Dr. Michael Irwig of George Washington University the first study   – published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, reported that 96 percent of the 54 young, previously healthy Propecia patients suffered sexual dysfunction for more than a year after quitting the drug.

Dr Irwig’s second study, published in The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, showed that nearly 44 percent of the 61 young, previously healthy Propecia patients reported suicidal thoughts, while 36 percent had severe symptoms of depression.

Baldness Runs in Family

The British papers have been having a field day predicting Prince William will be bald by the age of 40, while Prince Harry might keep his hair till 50.

And they’ve been quick to point out that androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness, runs on both sides of Prince Harry’s and Prince William’s family. Their father, Prince Charles started to lose his hair in his late 30s, his paternal grandfather is bald, and his maternal grandfather was bald.

The genetics of balding are complicated and both male and female sides contribute to the problem.

Increased Androgen & Hair Loss

The X-chromosome gene – inherited from the mother’s side – is linked with balding and controls androgen, or male sex hormone, receptors.

As men age, their increasing androgen level constricts the hair follicles on their heads, resulting in hair thinning and loss in a characteristic though scientifically unexplained pattern. A defect in the androgen receptor causes premature balding like William’s according to LiveScience.

But bald fathers can have a strong influence, too in fact, men with bald fathers are between five and six times likelier to go bald than men with non-bald fathers.

Saw Palmetto & Hair Loss

One of the characteristics of saw palmetto is that it is a weak anti-androgen, so it reduces the effects of the male hormone androgen on hair loss.

There are many studies that have proven the ability of saw palmetto to show this anti-androgen effect, but the evidence in support of it reducing hair loss is still anecdotal rather than confirmed by clinical trials.

Many men report good results from taking a saw palmetto supplement, which is a lot more economical than buying a pharmaceutical drug and does not have the same unpleasant side effects. But some men have used saw palmetto for several months without any benefits in terms of reducing balding.

Try Saw Palmetto for Hair Loss

Saw Palmetto has good proven benefits for prostate health and is the key ingredient in Prostate Power Flow, an all-natural men’s supplement which may also have good results for hair loss. If you are bothered by a thinning hairline why not order some today?

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