Pretty Girls Cheated On Most

Why do the most beautiful women often get treated the worst? For recent history you only have to look at Elin Woods, Sandra Bullock . . .  look at Halle, Britney, JLo, Reese, Julia Roberts, Jessica Simpson — they’ve ALL been cheated on!

As Hollywood Life noted recently, beauty is no vaccination against having your man cheat, and it’s happened in every area of public life. I’m sure you’ve noticed amongst your own friends.

I had a gorgeous friend who attracted men who just loved to be seen with a stunning woman – and whenever she broke up with one of them he turned into a Class A stalker. Scary.

Just think of . . .

Models — gorgeous supermodel Christie Brinkley cheated on by her architect husband Peter Cook.

Sports — head turner Cynthia Rodriguez cheated on by her Yankee star A-Rod.

Politics — stunning Silda Spitzer cheated on by her husband Eliot Spitzer.

So Why Are Beauties Treated Badly?

So why is it that women you’d think any man would be thrilled to be close to seem end up with cheating men who treat them shabbily?

Relationship expert Dr Gila Carle says the answer is simple – beautiful women attract the wrong type of men – insecure types who want to use the woman’s beauty to elevate their own status.

And because beautiful women are so used to being fawned upon, they accept men who go “goo goo” for them without taking a closer look at their motives.

They’re attracted to charismatic attention seekers who turn out to be self-focused once you penetrate the charm offensive.

Says Dr Carle: “The problem is that those guys often don’t see beyond the woman’s beauty and they don’t like it when they wake up one day and see a real person, who has a real problem, whether it’s a cold or emotional needs. This type of man looked for a woman to make up for his own ego deficiencies, and when he can’t get enough of that, he looks elsewhere.

And Why Do Beauties Go For Cheaters?

“Beautiful women may doom themselves to becoming cheating victims because they themselves want a “charismatic and attractive love mate,” says psychologist and author Rhonda Findling,.

They’re often attracted to “narcissistic men.” Think Tiger, Jesse, K-Fed for Britney, Tony Romo for Jessica Simpson.

“These men know how to get women interested. But because they are so attractive and charismatic themselves, they have other women throwing themselves at them, especially in high profile worlds,” says Rhonda author of The Commitment Cure: What To do If You Fall For An Ambivalent Man.

All the Wrong Reasons

If you think beautiful women have it easier attracting men then yes — that may be true except that as these shrinks point out, they attract the wrong men for the wrong reasons. And consider this — they may, like Elin, think their beauty is enough to change a player like Tiger into a devoted husband.

“Beauty is not enough to keep a player in line,” stresses Maryanne Comaroto, a relationship coach and author of Hindsight: What You Need To Know Before You Drop Your Drawers. “If a man you’re dealing with has a track record of dating a series of beautiful women, he’s not likely to stick with your relationship.”

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